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Egor Fedoseev
Egor Fedoseev

Anno 1404 Venice Unlock All Achievements [NEW]

Anno 1404 and its add-on Venice add the possibility of rewarding achievements to the player. Those achievements can be seen as 'milestones' and vary from quite easy to extremely hard, since a lot of them are 'hidden'. The achievements are divided in 5 categories: diplomacy, setup, economic, military and general. Quite a few of the achievements are interlinked, being part of another 'bigger' achievement. In the base game there were 206 achievements to be had, the Venice expansion added another 110 of them, totalling 316.As of patch 2.1/1.3 not all achievements are reachable, as syntax errors in the games' xml files are still present. Trying to correct these game files will result in the achievement not being awarded as the game recognises this as modification. This has been addressed by an unofficial user-made patch.

Anno 1404 venice unlock all achievements

Someone made a handy calculator that lets you calculate how many production buildings you need with your current population. anno1404-rechner.deTable with needs for each different population level: screenshot

Also its worth while to install the anno 1404 unofficial patch which fixes some issues and also adds some interesting features such as supply chain information on buildings ingame when you hover over them.


Mission: Build intimate relationships among women at Gateway...

Women at Gateway

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