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Egor Fedoseev
Egor Fedoseev

Ashley Fires Mom You Belong To Me

It's easy to understand why we've approached it from an individualistic point of view. It's looks like a matter of just not feeling qualified. But from my perspective, imposter syndrome is not about feeling unqualified or even non-deserving. It's about lacking a sense of belonging.

ashley fires mom you belong to me

On the surface, those might sound like the same thing. We belong in a place if we are qualified to be there. But they are actually very different concepts. We can't earn our way into belonging, as hard as we may try.

Are there going to be experiences and places that are highly welcoming, but where certain people still feel like imposters? Yes. But that doesn't negate the work that's needed to address our environments to make them psychological safe and places of belonging.

When did you ever hear that the Black Panther burned down a church or to be specific a "white church" with people in there? When do you ever hear that NAACP take a noose and hang an innocent white person just for being white? Have you ever seen of the Organizations (latino, black, italian) fighting for the equal rights of their people burn a cross infront of their neighbor's yard just because they are of different ethnicity? I think it is very naive and ignorant to compare organizations that was formed out of necessity to fight for the basic HUMAN RIGHTS of their ethnic group to the likes of KKK. The most comparable group to the KKK is the Nazi of Germany. Please note that the KKK just didn't only hate blacks, they hated the jews, muslims, and race that is not white. To even try to justify the KKK in any shape of form is to be ignorant of history, deluded of reality and closested racist. Please every white person out there like me try and read a book, do your research about this country and the atrocities committed by the KKK and sanctioned by the goverment and local laws. Maybe then you won't be too eager and rush to defend groups like the KKK. This new generation of youth which happens to be my generation annoys me when it comes to issues like these. Asking questions like why do we need black history month or NAACP or Congrational Black or Latino Caucus or HBC or things in that trend is to be ignorant of this countries history and situations that neccessitate this organizations. And that is why it is awkward when you say you belong to some "White Power" group or wanting a "White history month" because there are no reasons or need for it.

Very astute comment. This country was "born" because European settlers helped themselves to land that belonged to Native Americans. That was a huge violation of rights that cannot be undone. Then the railroad was built by Chinese slave labor. Another violation that cannot be salved by "allowing" them to have a few Chinatowns and open up over priced restaurants. Finally, the forced abduction of Africans hauled onto ships and packed like sardines into the hulls only to be treated like cattle, auctioned, and abused in order to help the cotton farmers was surely not humane but was sheer evil to say the least.

except America didn't belong to the white man. America belonged to the native americans who passed over the Bering Strait from Asia.. but aside from that.. America has ALWAYS been, since the first explorers set foot on it a melting pot of different cultures.. if you wanna say "Africa is for Africans" then go back to Europe because that's where anglo-saxons came from.. but AMERICA is for AMERICANS..

no, i would not. if the organization helps people then i'm for it. No one race is excluded completely from poverty or hardship and if there are ogranizations that help underprivileged kids to get something they would otherwise not be able to achieve then that's cool to me. So if a white version or whatever ethnic of the NAACP exists and they help white youths or their specific race that cannot help themselves then thats a good thing. honestly, i think we should be helping one another regardless the race. I feel that so much about racism has evolved from what has happened in the past. you would think that in 2012, we as a country would have transcended past something so primative but still hasn't. will there always be some kind of segregation, bigotry, or racism in america? as of right now, i'd have to say yes. do i wish it didn't exist? surely. we are one of the most powerful, advanced countries on the planet and we are looked at by other nations as primative because we hate one another because of skin color. i don't know if this was the answer you were looking for ashley but i just wanted to share my thoughts to your question. 041b061a72


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